Grocery List

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Always go with a list.  Always!
You are 10 times more likely to spend more unless you walk with a list of what you need.  Go through your pantry, fridge and freezer and list off what you need.  This is a great way to save.
Follow your list and stick to it!
Hey, we’ll make it easy for you…….. here’s your very own special grocery list – courtesy of CHAMPION.
Grocery List 20Hx15H


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  1. sushatrading says:

    Sent me your best export price for all CHAMPION products for distribution in The Netherlands.Also find me the cheapest way to sent. want to know the freight charges.

    • admin says:

      Good day,

      We greatly apologize for the lengthy delay in replying to this message. It only just came to our attention via our web-site administration. Please email us with your contact information and we’d be happy to contact you and send you the relevant information. Thank you. Our email address is

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