SWEEPY Dip ‘n Eat Snacks

Sweepy 1


Taste the nutty flavour of Sweepy Chocolate Hazelnut flavoured dip.  Case packing:  4 x (12x60g)

Submerge yourself in the smoothness of Sweepy Strawberry flavoured dip. Case packing:  4 x (12x60g)

Experience the creaminess of Sweepy White Chocolate flavoured dip. Case packing:  4 x (12x60g)

Indulge on the sweetness of Sweepy Dulce de Leche flavoured dip. Case packing:  4 x (12x60g)

Also available:  Sweepy Snack Collection box – box of 4 in Sweepy’s sumptious assorted flavours.  Perfect for gift stores, duty free shops, pharmacy/convenience stores and on special order deliveries to those special persons in your life.

Order yours today:  call 868-671-9837 or 868-671-4503

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